Agustina Cervera, WE NY Mentor, Leads the Design of House of X
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Leading the revival of industries that Covid decimated are venues like House of X in the Public Hotel LES, a new concept born from the collaboration between Ian Shrager Company and the team behind the iconic Brooklyn Club, House of Yes.

The project was developed by Agustina Cervera, founder and head of design at Spearhead Architecture & Design and WE NYC Mentor.

As an immigrant and entrepreneur, Agustina is no stranger to complex challenges, however, completing a multi-faceted space in just two months pushed the boundaries of her creativity and resourcefulness to a new level.

HOX is our answer to a unique brief: Creating a neighborhood-centric concept that merges the overtones of the HOY artistic vein and culture with a venue that, while maintaining character, can transform and be interchangeable for a multitude of occasions,” shares the designer and architect.

The new HOX boasts a state-of-the-art acoustic system, advanced illumination, and high-efficiency ventilation, delivering a turnkey solution for a wide variety of events for up to 500 guests.

Also, living up to HOY’s philosophy of supporting artistic expression and community, House of X has created a residency for prolific local artists of diverse backgrounds to collaborate on on-site installations. Artists work under the guidance of designer Agustina Cervera and HOY co-founder Ilan Telmont but otherwise enjoy complete artistic autonomy to interpret the space.

“We seek to re-imagine how art is introduced to the public by bringing different art forms under one roof in an environment that sculpts a new interface between the art and the public. As you peel the layers of the experience, you are no longer just a spectator; you are now an embodied extension of the art itself,” says Ilan Telmont.

HOX opened its doors with noteworthy collaborations such as Brooklyn-based artists Rob Ebeltoft and Kat Ryals.

New tech has also found a home in the venue. For example, a group of NFT artists has been invited to create interactive visual content that will stimulate the senses from beginning to end.

Everything in HOX is thoughtful and intentional. No detail was spared in creating an experience that maximizes engagement and nurtures people’s innate desire for self-expression. 

House of X is the best model of how ingenuity and design can bring dynamism to public spaces in NYC and propel the revitalization of industries and zones affected by the pandemic.

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