Corinne Graham - Consultant
WE NYC community member

Corrine Graham did not intend to be an entrepreneur, yet when the economy changed for the worst and she witnessed many industries failing as well as a rise in unemployment, entrepreneurship proved to be a worthwhile solution. Corrine Graham has a management consultant firm in which she works with businesses—both big and small—to become economically viable. Her company’s services range in areas such as project planning, training development, certification and contracting, rebranding, and general strategic advising.

I want to create be an elite group of consultant firms for small businesses.

Corinne Graham

Graham’s natural ability to project trends for companies and spot areas of improvement for businesses is rooted in her enjoyment to “piece together a puzzle to create an effective diagnosis, as a doctor, that checks out and works” says Graham. Yep, Corrine Graham is a doctor. She has her Ph.D. in Health Care Administration, a Masters in Global Management, and a B.S. in Accounting and Business Management. Graham loves to learn as much as she loves to teach; when working with clients she is certain as to not intimidate them with difficult management jargon or make them feel inferior in any way, after all “they know their business best” says Graham.