Elizaveta @ Beaty Icon NYC: A Bride's Go-to for Beauty Tips
Elizaveta Ermolina | WE RULE Partner

I am a co-founder of Beauty Icon NYC, a company that specializes in wedding beauty services. Also, I am opening a bridal showroom that will represent different wedding dress designers from all over the world. My company works with women when they are getting ready for probably the most important day of their lives! We know how important it is to listen to their wishes and feel their energy so we can help them to achieve the looks of their dreams. It is very important for our clients to be heard and we guarantee that we have enough skills and experience to bring their imagined look to life!

It would be a dream to be mentored by… I honestly don’t know who would be my ideal mentor because I love learning from everyone. I am lucky to be surrounded by talented and successful people who serve as my inspiration.

New York is amazing city to do business in because… it has endless opportunities and this city works as accelerator of all processes. Meeting new people every day who are brave and passionate makes me want to build my own success story.

If I could get advice from one person, it would be… my mom because she’s the person I know would be honest and reasonable. I know she wants the best for me.

The most exciting innovation to me is… a mobile phone. I still can’t believe how we had lived without them.

Can you share a story from an event or a meeting that happened because of WE NYC that influenced you or the business in any way? What was it? Why was it impactful?

We were invited to provide beauty services for participants of WE NYC. We met amazing people that are talented and passionate. They shared their stories with us which was very inspirational!

What do you think is amazing about doing business in New York? What resources do the women entrepreneurs of NYC need?

This city can bring the boldest ideas to life. I think what is very important in business is networking. I personally get inspired by other women’s stories all the time. We could always use more events where women entrepreneurs can just meet , talk, and make new friends.

What did you want to do when you were a child? What changed since? Why?

Choosing a major, after high school was the toughest decision because I felt like I wasn’t ready to decide. I chose to be an interpreter and was supposed to study languages, but then I left Russia and came to the United States. Here, I jumped into beauty industry, and it was the best decision of my life.

What do you think is the biggest obstacle for female founders? How can we overcome it?

I think the biggest obstacle is lack of confidence and lack of support. It always comes from the family, so if you weren’t lucky enough to be supported by your family you can’t always grow confidence and build strength and achieve any goals. Taking small steps always helps because seeing yourself achieve small goals will help you to believe you can reach the bigger goal!

What do you think about company culture? What are some of your tips on being a good leader?

Being a good leader is my number one goal because I know how important it is to have good relationship in your team. I know that if I pay attention to the people who work for me, they will mirror that attentiveness with our clients. It is important for me that they can trust me, and that we have a mutual respect for each other. 

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