Gabriela Alvarez — Liberation Cuisine
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Gabriela Alvarez - Liberation Cuisine

Chef Gabriela Alvarez is a big believer in the expression “you are what you eat” and thus encourages clients in her business, Liberation Cuisine, to determine what food lifestyle is best for them. Alvarez hosts a variety of services including catering, one-on-one coaching, cooking classes, and more. Alvarez describes her food preparation as ‘alchemic’ in which something as simple as cooking and eating have greater meaning and ultimately reflects the individual and their story. When catering events, Alvarez’s passion for cuisine and creative eye guide the process; she is capable to showcase the theme of the event, such as an Afro-Diaspora film premier, through food and presentation.

I’m bringing food to life, changing the way we engage with food while nourishing our bodies and life.

Gabriela Alvarez

Gabriela Alvarez chose entrepreneurship from a long time craving for creative freedom. She admits to having positive work experiences prior to becoming an entrepreneur but sensed “something missing”. Now that Alvarez runs her own business, she describes her work experiences as “fulfilling and exciting.” Alvarez is sure to buy from local food cooperatives, organic specialty stores, and even a farm from upstate New York. Alvarez enjoys surprising clients that simply expect a generic catering service or cooking class but receive a “holistic experience in the kitchen.”