Jennifer Shin - 8 Path Solutions, LLC
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Jennifer Shin - 8 Path Solutions, LLC

Jennifer Shin owns and leads a science analytics and technology company that conducts data for businesses to then create and implement strategies designed to help these businesses grow. Like many other women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship became a solution for Shin in response to the crash of the economy and with the rise of unemployment. Jennifer Shin has noted that the job search has always been a challenging as her skills are so versatile and no one preexisting position satisfied them all, “a lot of people didn’t know where to put me; I have skills in technology, economics, and creative writing.” Her previous employment as a consultant put an emphasis on analytics but not much so on technology—thus she was destined to create her own job, in doing so making 8 Path Solutions, LLC a reality.

I don’t like being told to do one thing.

Jennifer Shin

Jennifer Shin takes on all aspects of ‘STEM’ in her business: science technology, engineer, and mathematics. She genuinely enjoys a challenge, as much as she does to learn and teach. Shin believes that sharing what you learn from others is extremely rewarding in her business. When working with clients she strives to explain unfamiliar concepts, technical terms, and ultimately the functionality of data and its significance in developing a business for the better. Today Jennifer Shin extends her services to start-ups, universities, corporations, and non-profits.