Leah Bonvissuto - PresentVoices
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Leah Bonvissuto - Bespoken


Leah Bonvissuto founded PresentVoices to help everyone speak their truth at work. Through individual coaching, group workshops, and organizational consulting, she helps leaders, teams, and organizations transform miscommunication into efficiency. She combines evidence-based tools, data assessments, and real-work relevance to help people have thriving conversations and build leadership confidence at all levels of the organization.

Raised by a Broadway musician and a mime-turned-magician, Leah spent many years as a theater director and started doing this work in public hospitals, helping front-line staff improve patient experience. Today, her work is living theater—collaborating with real people to help them tell real stories in real situations at work. Her work creates space for conversations about the ways we communicate to happen productively and effectively.


I believe the spoken voice is the most powerful vehicle for change in the world.

Leah Bonvissuto