Marisol @ Brooklyn Stone & Tile: Turning Kitchens and Bathrooms into Art
Marisol Linda Diaz | WE RULE Partner

Brooklyn Stone & Tile, has a passion for leaving an artistic impression in the most utilized spaces of your kitchen & bathroom. Through the art of fabrication and installation, we provide kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, customized sinks, tub surrounds, fireplaces, tables and more.  Our customer experience is like no other, we take pride in taking the time to make our consumer feel secured that we are here to support their needs, as well as educate them in the process and address any concerns they may have along the way.

It would be a dream to be mentored by… Oprah Winfrey because she radiates strength, intelligence, power, and human kindness. She is such a motivational human being who continues to self-evolve through her life journey.  She is the one person I try my best to emulate but I am nowhere near her caliber.

New York is amazing city to do business in because… where else can you see such a melting pot of wonderful human beings, a vast variety of flavors in cuisine, meet the instant gratification of whatever want/good you can desire?  The sense of community is everywhere throughout the five boroughs.

If I could get advice from one person it would be… Michelle Obama.  I strive to have an ounce of her grace, especially when she chooses to go high because someone has chosen to go low.

The most exciting innovation to me is… Facetime-  I love the ability to have day-to-day interactions with my children and grandchildren from miles away. Staying connected helps me have a work-life balance.

Can you share a story from an event or a meeting that happened because of WE NYC that influenced you or the business in any way? What was it? Why was it impactful?

I attended my first mentor workshop back in May of 2018, the speaker was Malene Barnett. Her spunk and knowledge of the interior design industry was infectious.  WE NYC allowed for me to feel empowered surrounded by other women leaders in business. It was comforting to know that I am not the only one with fears to conquer.

What do you think is amazing about doing business in New York? What resources do the women entrepreneurs of NYC need?

What is amazing about doing business in New York is that you encounter all walks of life and with that, you learn different cultures and can see the commonalities we have as women. I would love to see the NYC Department of Small Business Services continue their efforts in supporting women through mentorship, leadership and educational workshops which allow for women to network and foster supportive relationships.

What do you think about company culture? What are some of your tips on being a good leader?

I am a strong believer that company culture is one of most important factors on retaining employees and weighs heavily on the success of the company.  In order to affect a positive and supportive company culture a leader must possess emotional intelligence.  I recommend “The Five Components of Emotional Intelligence at Work”- Daniel Goleman, “What Makes A leader”-it has helped me to evolve on my own skills tremendously.

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