Phyllis Gordon S'Dao — Silly Phillies
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Phyllis Gordon S'Dao - Silly Phillie

Phyllis Gordon S’Dao has a longstanding history in the clothing and design industry. Originally Gordon S’Dao started in shoes, then men’s wear, then the juniors’ department, and ultimately the children’s market. Gordon S’Dao compares finding her niche in the children’s market as sampling different street food vendors, “but then there’s one cart where you fall in love.” Today, Phyllis Gordon S’Dao crafts unique and creative clothing and gifts to welcome newborns and has products distributed in hospitals, boutiques, wholesales, specialty stores, and of course online.

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Phyllis Gordon S'Dao

Gordon S’Dao attributes her high energy, creative, and humorous personality to her business success. But she is also quick to recognize the amazing support of her team who make Silly Phillie, the name of her business, a reality. After finalizing a design Gordon S’Dao passes along the vision to a team of hard working and loyal women to assemble each gift by hand. Her team members have been cutting, sewing, and embroidering tiny garments with Gordon S’Dao for the past twenty years. Her consumer base is just as loyal, with customers remembering the joy Silly Phillie has brought to their newborns and recommending Silly Phillie for their children’s newborns years later. When asked what she hopes for her and her business in the future, Phyllis Gordon S’Dao remarks, “I want Silly Phillie to be the gold standard of gifts.”