The Power of Asking Yourself Questions
Wonder Lee, WE NYC Mentor
Wonder Lee - Wonder Lee 123 Designs Inc.

Not long ago, I was asked a very important question, one that was at the core of some recent meditation and reflection: How do you honor your commitments?

It was an insightful question that required some thinking. I had been asked the same question many times before, but this time it caused me to feel a sense of disappointment. I had to  ask myself why I felt this way. Was it because I was being asked to think about the commitments I’ve made? Then I thought: Do we really know the answers to these tough questions? How many times will we ask ourselves the same questions? When will we begin to ask ourselves new questions?

I wondered what would happen if we began to ask ourselves more meaningful questions –  questions that pertain to our power, to accessing our full potential and becoming aware of our existence on this planet, and  that will open our  awareness to new possibilities.

What if we ask ourselves more questions about how to get things done, instead of telling ourselves we can’t do something? What if we ask instead of assume?

What if I became more curious and started asking myself more questions?

The more "aha" moments I had, the more I realized how important it is to be specific when we ask ourselves for things.

Wonder Lee

The next morning I woke up and decided to do an exercise in the mirror. I looked at myself and asked, Why am I here? What is my true purpose? I asked with curiosity and intent. Nothing extraordinary happened when I asked, but asking the question triggered a sense of happiness. I began to wonder what possibilities I had opened up simply by asking.

As the days passed, I became more and more curious. I found myself searching terms online that I wouldn’t normally search. I began having many aha moments and a sense of love for the journey began to encompass me. The more aha moments I had, the more I realized how important it is to be specific when we ask ourselves for things. I saw how the words we choose matter.

I began to ask myself all sorts of questions. If I lost something, I would intently ask myself where it was and I would always find it. I also began to use questions when challenges or obstacles presented themselves. I noticed that once I began asking, I could overcome these obstacles. The answer somehow found its way to me.

Is it possible that simply by asking a question we invite the answer to come to us? Could the key to living a happier and more fulfilled life have to do with asking yourself the right questions?

As my awareness expands further, I am excited to discover what new questions I will ask myself and what new possibilities those questions will reveal.

I’ll leave you with a question: Are you curious to begin asking yourself why are you here?