Seven Ways to Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader
Jen Glantz, WE NYC Mentor
Jen Glantz - Bridesmaid for Hire

Establishing yourself as a thought leader yields bountiful benefits to business owners and entrepreneurs. As a thought leader in your industry, you’ll attract attention from people in your target audience. You’ll also gain exposure for your business and personal brand while spending little to no money on advertising or traditional marketing.

Here are seven of the top ways to jump start establishing yourself as an industry thought leader.

1. Write as much as you can

Even if writing is not your forte and even if you don’t have a lot of experience doing it, strive to create as much content as you can. Your audience will start to become loyal visitors to your website and supporters of your brand if they know they can turn to you for consistent updates and valuable information. Consider writing regular blog posts for your website and for others. Put out a free e-book, send out guides, or write monthly newsletters. Creating high-quality content will also help you expand your audience and increase your subscribers.

2. Speak out

Every industry holds events throughout the year that welcome speakers to address audiences about a topic related to the event’s theme. Jot down a list of key events in your industry and reach out to the event coordinator to see if there’s an opportunity to join a panel or present your own workshop.

3. Host webinars

One of the best ways to reach a larger audience is to host free webinars. After the live webinar is over, you can extend the webinar’s reach by posting a recording on your website. This is another great way to provide your audience with free content and is an additional way to establish yourself as a teacher in a your industry.

Many people are trying to do what you are doing, but only you can do it your way.

Jen Glantz

4. Get social

Developing a strong presence on social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach out to and gain new followers. Be sure to create a content schedule that allows you to stay active on your social media channel and take the time to interact with your followers regularly.

5. Grow your network

As you work on your own activities to become a thought leader, don’t forget to support other people in your industry by attending their events and workshops. Try to meet as many new people as you can at these events.

6. Be consistent

Becoming a thought leader takes months or years and requires a significant investment of time. Put in a place a strategy that will keep you consistent and constantly building and growing as the months go on.

7. Keep it original

The best way to establish yourself as a thought leader is to be authentic. Many people are trying to do what you are doing, but only you can do it your way. The most successful people offer original advice and remain true to themselves while sharing their expertise.