Staying Aligned through your Entrepreneurial Journey
Wonder Lee, WE NYC Mentor
Wonder Lee - Wonder Lee 123 Designs Inc.

I started my business in June of 2012 because I had a love for upcycling and wanted to know that what I was doing would have a positive impact on the planet. (I make one-of-a-kind bow ties from an array of materials like board games and plastic. They can also be worn in the hair as a headband.) 

I always believed that I could be successful at whatever I put my mind to. I was very focused and worked seven days a week for about two years straight. The business became all I could think and talk about. In that short amount of time I gained local, national and international recognition. My company began working with many celebrities and became the bow-tie designer for the Tonight Show’s lead drummer Questlove. Time Out New York wrote about us and we were interviewed on Univision and Telemundo for Fashion week. 

However, at the end of the two years, I began to notice certain aspects of the business that I didn't love. I noticed a growing gap between my deepest beliefs and how I was living my life. I wanted every aspect of my life to be about doing what I love; I didn’t want to settle.

Course correct when you’re are no longer aligned
I saw myself chasing opportunities instead of being open to receiving them. I did things because I felt I had to, not because I wanted to. I couldn't help but ask why my life wasn’t reflecting what I believed in my heart to be true. Somewhere in my subconscious mind I held onto thoughts and belief systems that no longer served me. I was determined to reprogram those beliefs so my life would reflect what was in my heart.

I wanted every aspect of my life to be about doing what I love; I didn’t want to settle.

Wonder Lee

After the holidays in 2014, I decided to take my focus off of the business and put it onto myself. I stopped doing all the aspects of work I didn't love. I began taking the weekends off. I put my faith into Internet sales as a means of supporting myself, since I wouldn’t be going to any more weekend craft shows. I decided to follow my heart and not rationalize every aspect of what I was embarking on. An inner voice called me to do this and I chose to listen. 

Make time for self-reflection
There were two ways to approach the decision to change my focus: with fear or with love. I chose to love every moment of the journey. From January 2015 until August 2015, I put minimal focus on the business and began to meditate. I cleared out all my beliefs about lack, limitation, scarcity, fear, doubt and worry. I did away with the illusions about myself that were never true. I documented the process with the goal of writing a book to help others. 

Things weren't easy financially. Some months were better than others, but I managed to maintain a roof over my head, keep the business going, pay bills and put food on the table. There were moments when I broke down and questioned what I was doing. But I picked myself up and maintained my faith that this journey was in service of my highest good and the good of others. 

The flow returned
By the end of the eight months many opportunities had begun to come my way. I won a video ad contest with Capital One Bank that aired online; my company became part of the online shop for NBC’s Tonight Show; the business had a fantastic holiday via online sales. And, by December 31, I had accomplished a goal I’d set for 2016 to be a mentor and voice to help others get into alignment.