Wen-Jay Ying - Local Roots NYC
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Wen-Jay Ying - Local Roots NYC

I’ve seen a lot of businesses come and go; I don’t think food access should come and go.

Wen-Jay Ying

For five years, Wen-Jay Ying's Local Roots NYC fosters the growth of CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), by bringing fresh produce from local farmers directly to the hustle and bustle of the city. Local Roots NYC has 20 CSA locations where consumers can pick up seasonal produce, 15 city producers, as well as partnerships with over 10 local farms. At these locations consumers can also find cooking inspirations through offered recipes and samples using the produce of that season. Local Roots NYC also hosts round table discussions in which farmers share emotional and physical anecdotes of their daily responsibilities on the farm; as Ying describes it "we tell that farm to table story."

Wen-Jay Ying was inspired to start her business after reading an article about consumers become physically sick after eating produce from a bodega. Further, Ying saw the need for farmers to manage business responsibilities in addition to agricultural production such as responding to emails and selling produce. To alleviate this burden and have farmers focus their time primarily on the field, Local Roots NYC swept in. Ying oversees all aspects of her and helps with her farmers' businesses, from transporting produce, managing staff, marketing via social media, and much, much more. In light of the newfound trendiness of "local" food, Wen-Jay Ying hopes her business can create awareness to distinguish 'truly' local foods from 'marketed' as local foods.