Agustina Cervera

Founder + Principal, Spear Head architecture + design

Works in Architecture, + Design

Can advise in Branding, Social Responsibility, Women's Empowerment

Agustina also speaks Spanish,

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Agustina Cervera is the Founder and Principal of Spear Head architecture + design. She moved to New York City in 2010 after graduating as an architect. As a first-time immigrant with little to no network to support her professional goals, Agustina relied on her resourcefulness to realize her dreams of working and living in the most exciting city in the world.

Working for two architecture and design firms in NYC five years provided her with a taste for international markets and well-rounded knowledge of the real estate ecosystem in the main metropolitan areas in the US. In 2015, she approached Spear Head, a New York based construction company, and under her direction, launched a new architecture and design services department. Since its launch, the new department has carved out a prestigious niche in a highly competitive, mostly male-dominated industry by making inroads and establishing the firm as the go-to expert in up-and-coming urban areas such as BedStuy, Bushwick, and Argentina, among others. Agustina’s work is in high demand all over New York City, but it is in Brooklyn where she has made her mark developing residential projects that are best known for their minimalistic, industrial and organic aesthetic that aims to work cohesively with the essence of the community and enhance its richness, not replace it. She views her work as creations carried out because the community is willing to make space for it and therefore embrace it. Spear Head is young, light and flexible. This airiness allows the firm to adapt faster than its competitors in an ever-evolving city and charge above market rate.

Agustina attributes her success to taking a different approach – one that is based on mentorship and not hierarchies. In her own words, “I make a point to collaborate with new talent as equals and motivate them to think outside the box, to be brave and creative in the use of materials to maximize their sustainable potential and to push established boundaries beyond what they conceive to be possible. Many of the young architects that I work with are women. This gives me a chance to use my experience to support their vision and be an advocate on behalf of the dreams others told them they couldn’t own.”

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