Bisila Bokoko

Founder + CEO, BBES International

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Bisila Bokoko has inspired thousands of individuals and organizations world-wide, through her motivational keynotes, and will inspire your audience with a message tailored to achieve your program’s goals and boost your attendee’s aspirations.

From hosting at the UN in Switzerland to delivering powerful keynotes in Dominican Republic, and on-air radio hosting in South Africa, Bisila Bokoko has shared her business expertise and inspirational journey with audiences across the world over during her 18-year career. She developed her expertise in geopolitics, tourism, and culture by working closely with cities in Spain and countries in Africa; and, cultivating relationships with foreign Heads of State and international business leaders, becoming one of the ten most influential Spanish women in American business. She has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Bloomberg TV, Black Enterprise, Harper's Bazaar & other top publications.

Bisila has an impressive track record of taking businesses from local to global. As the Executive Director of the Spain-US Chamber of Commerce for 7 years, she worked closely with a wide range of industries and leading Spanish brands.

In 2012, she founded BBES, a New York-based business development agency that represents, promotes, and markets brands internationally. She also serves as an advisor to emerging leaders, providing guidance on personal branding and leadership that prepares them to move to the global stage and share their expertise worldwide.

Her desire to empower those less fortunate to create a better life, inspired her to found BBALP, a non-profit organization committed to opening libraries throughout Africa with current presence in Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda.

Bisila’s efforts to use her knowledge to empower others, won her widespread recognition and led to dynamic involvement in EMPRETEC, a United Nations program that supports up and coming entrepreneurs. She fronted the women’s scheme and actively worked to support female entrepreneurs in their efforts to launch businesses. In addition, Bisila hosted the Pikolinos Maasai Gala at the United Nations to support the Kenyan tribe. Through the Maasai Project, over 1,600 Maasai women hand embroider leather onto Pikolinos shoes and bags enabling them to earn a stable income while preserving their cultural heritage and way of life.

Basila serves as an advisory board member of United Nations EMPRETTEC Women Programs, fostering entrepreneurship skills among women in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, as a global ambassador for Liceu Barcelona Opera House US Foundation, and is actively involved in building the Afrika Museum in Madrid.

Basila earned an MBA in Business Administration and Economics in Madrid from San Pablo University, a certificate of British Law at the University of Manchester, and a M.A in International Relations from City University of New York. She graduated in October 2017 as a Naam Yoga Teacher and practices Iyengar on a regular basis.

A native of Valencia, Spain, her family roots stemmed from the Bubi Tribe in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. She describes herself as “a cultural hybrid,” born in Spain to African parents, becoming an American citizen and living in New York City for the last fifteen years. She is fluent in Spanish, French, and basic German.

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