Blair Lauren Brown

Founder + CEO, Blair Lauren Brown / Verté Essentials

Works in Luxury Consumer

Can advise in Branding, Customer Acquisition and Social Responsibility

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Blair Lauren Brown is the founder and CEO behind Verté LLC. Blair brought Verte Essentials – the adaptogenic skincare property featuring the hemp CBD – to consumer shelves in specialty markets spanning 23 states and 3 countries, securing brand name recognition for the future unification of a Verte cannabis brand across state lines.

​Having worked in the luxury consumer sector for 15 years, Blair specializes in marketing and branding. She works with industry leaders focusing on environmental initiatives, while successfully managing to speak to consumer habits an implement tools for effective national scaling. Having also founded and served as the operating CEO of an award winning fine jewelry collection in luxury US markets, Blair has built a lasting practice of positioning high end products rooted in sustainability.

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