Dawn Kelly

Founder & CEO, The Nourish Spot Inc.

Works in Food Business

Can advise in Hiring/Managing Employees, Promoting Business, Growing Customer Base, Building a Brand

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Dawn Kelly is CEO of The Nourish Spot Inc., a family owned healthy food, smoothie and natural juice bar located in Jamaica, Queens, NYC on the iconic Guy R. Brewer Boulevard. She is also a partner, Metropolis Group US/Global Connect , a virtual public relations  agency. 

It's no secret that many residents of urban communities, often people of color,  find themselves living in food deserts and beset with preventable ailments like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and diet and nutrition plays a great role. 

The Nourish Spot offers fresh natural fruit and vegetable juice, smoothies, salads, sandwich wraps, and soup full of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The Nourish Spot also offers life affirming wheatgrass, ginger and turmeric shots, protein waffles and soup. The menu offerings can be boosted with non dairy milks, fruit nectars, alkaline and coconut waters, nuts, seeds, butters and protein powders.  

Kelly is a courageous entrepreneur and great manager of people, encouraging team leader and relationship builder. Formerly Department Vice President of Prudential Financial Inc, Kelly is a trusted, seasoned and proven public relations and strategic communications executive with a 25+ track record of developing and implementing large-scale innovative, integrated communications plans to build brand awareness for businesses, including her own. Kelly is well versed in leveraging a multiple channel approach, including research, digital and social media, traditional print and broadcast communications to define, favorably position, and communicate value of thought leadership, brand, services and solutions.