Irma Cedeno

Founder and CEO, Diáfano / Main Couture

Works in Language Learning

Can advise in Cultural Competence Strategist

Irma also speaks Spanish,

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Irma Cedeno is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, investor, and Goldman Sachs 10KSB alum, Black Girl Ventures Change Agent Fellow, the co-founder of the fashion brand Main Couture (New York/Tulum), and the founder of Diáfano, a language learning company. Diáfano was named a top 10 company for social change by Revolt TV and AT&T, and was the Black and Latino Tech Audience Award Winner. It offers online, live courses for companies, schools, and individuals through group and one-on-one classes, as well as a self-paced video membership program.

Irma talks about all things entrepreneurship, how to thrive as a woman- or minority-owned business in any industry, and how to thrive personally as you build your company. She has spoken for organizations like New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education, Futures and Options, and JPMorgan. Her language and cultural work has attracted the attention of PBS, where they had a whole episode on her language work. Her partnerships include organizations like Morgan Stanley, the Metropolitan Museum of Art , and the Alzheimer’s Association, where
Diáfano launched a language program for early-stage dementia patients. In addition to WE NYC, she is also a mentor at Columbia University's Almaworks startup accelerator and various other organizations.