Karen Mitchell

Founder + CEO, True Indian Hair

Works in Hair + Beauty

Can advise in Branding, Growth Strategies and Social Media

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Karen Mitchell is a noted Hair Extension Expert and Owner of the True Indian Hair Franchise under the Umbrella True Hair Company. The Jamaican born, Brooklyn bred entrepreneur is a license cosmetologist who has spent over a decade in the hair care industry. 

Karen began her hair journey when she noticed a lack of women and minorities in ownership positions outside of the salons in the hair industry.  Karen saw the need for this and her love of hair and beauty introduced her to her true passion: connecting image-conscious career women with easy-to-care for luxury extensions.  With only $30,000 and no written business plan, her brand True Indian Hair was born 14 years ago in Brooklyn.

Mitchell’s dedication to this mission has propelled True Indian Hair to the fore-front of the industry.   Leading publications like Essence, Ebony, Elle, and Black Enterprise magazines have all leaned on Mitchell’s expertise for stories as well as profiled the brand True Indian Hair.

True Indian Hair also known TIH can be seen worn on celebrity clients such as Rihanna, Taraji P. Henson, Serena, Kelly Rowland, Zoe Kravitz, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Jenner and many others, as well as the everyday fabulous woman. TIH has also has been featured on many primetime TV shows such as House Wives of Atlanta, EMPIRE, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Watch What Happens Live, The Wendy Show and more.

Since its inception, the demand for Mitchell’s product has seen the expansion of True Indian Hair from its flagship Brooklyn NYC boutique and salon to midtown Manhattan NYC and Queens NYC boutiques, as well as several new hair brands under the TRUE HAIR COMPANY umbrella.  Mitchell recently launched a product line of shampoos and conditioners adding to her True Hair brands.  She is also currently working on expanding her franchise to Atlanta and Miami.

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