Leith Hill

President and CEO, Ellary’s Greens

Works in Food & Beverage, Hospitality

Can advise in Negotiation, Starting-Up and Company Culture

Leith also speaks French, Spanish,

Attend a mentor session

Entrepreneur, Leith, is highly driven to better the world by connecting with and empowering people through food and each other. Her business experience comprises three decades of both for-profit and non-profit work seeking to improve the human experience as a unifying thread. Most recently, Leith was the CEO and founder of Ellary’s Greens, an organic, sexy-healthy restaurant in the heart of New York City. Her goal to enable better living through delicious, nutrient-dense, hyper-local options was fully realized in the restaurant and is evident in the rave reviews from thousands of guests, celebrities and athletes, and international media. The New York Times wrote of Leith's power to connect her guests to food they trust deeply and to the farmers who make that trust their priority.

True to her leadership in the industry, Leith remains a strong voice in the dynamic, ever-evolving food and beverage market in New York. She sat on both the New York State Restaurant Association Board and the New York City Mayor’s Council on Food and Beverage. In addition, she is a devoted mentor to young women in two arenas, serving not only WE-NYC where she advises burgeoning women entrepreneurs but also The New York State University at Stony Brook where she mentors first-generation female students. She holds an undergraduate degree in economics and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. The two degrees shape how she sees the world, understanding the basic human need for connection as well as the real-world systems that often inhibit us from basic nutritional knowledge and which separate us from our food sources. 

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