Leith Hill

President and CEO, Ellary’s Greens

Works in Food & Beverage, Hospitality

Can advise in Negotiation, Starting-Up and Company Culture

Leith also speaks French, Spanish,

Attend a mentor session

As the President and CEO of Ellary's Greens, a full-service restaurant in NYC with a focus on organic, local, sustainable food with a veggie-forward menu that also specializes in beautiful farm-to-table meats. Leith Hill is focused on connecting people to food they can trust. Her goal is to provide the path to better living through delicious, sexy, nutrient-dense options, and Ellary’s Greens is the vehicle for this philosophy. True to her leadership in the dynamic, evolving food and beverage field in NYC, Leith is a strong voice. She sits on both the New York State Restaurant Association Board, and she has been appointed as an inaugural member of the New York City Mayor’s Council on Food and Beverage.

To enhance her breadth of business knowledge and experience, Leith, a native English speaker, is also fluent in French and Spanish. She holds a Masters Degree of Social Work, and this background enhances her deep understanding of consumers and, in particular, of what customers want and how they think. She understands what is entailed in fostering an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation for guests – be they neighborhood regulars, tourists, or busy travelers. She also understands the issues women entrepreneurs face and looks forward to guiding fellow entrepreneurs through those pitfalls. Leith looks forward to serving as a guide to women entrepreneurs because she believes in helping others.