Veronica Cabezas

Co-founder, CMO, CRO, Genostyle

Works in Fashion Tech

Can advise in Securing Capital, Branding and Social Capital

Veronica also speaks Spanish,

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Veronica is the co-founder of Genostyle, a fashion tech start-up that is helping to solve the gap between retailers, fashion brands and consumers by deploying personalization solutions that apply AI technology to enable more meaningful customer interactions and provide a more in-depth understanding of individual customer behavior.

Prior to launching Genostyle, she was a partner at Arsenic9, a multidisciplinary creative and strategy bureau that specialized in branding and public relations. She also worked as the Director of Marketing and Customer Outreach at Financial Focus Group LLC, a wealth management firm with over 250 million AUM (Asset Under Management) for over 13 years. She developed a proven track record of client development across multiple organizations, strong people orientation with excellent relationship building skills and a keen ability to identify and create an inclusive corporate social responsibility strategy that could serve as a binding force for their internal culture and a bridge to connect with their community.

Recognized as an “extraordinary connector” by peers, mentors and leaders from different sectors, she has developed unparalleled connections with business leaders and influencers in the US, Latin America and Spain. She has a unique ability to empathically tune in to a leader’s vision and successfully engage investors, consumers and influencers to materialize common goals, drawing on strengths while turning weaknesses into breakthrough opportunities.

WE NYC Mentor Veronica Cabezas