Leah Bonvissuto - Bespoken

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Leah Bonvissuto - Bespoken

Leah Bonvissuto cofounded her business, Bespoken, with Jackie Miller two years ago, and has since given women entrepreneurs the tool set to own their voice in any circumstance and throughout their entrepreneurial journey. Bespoken consists of one-on-one and small group training sessions and workshops that help individuals become better communicators and public speakers. Bonvissuto believes “there are no bad speakers and good speakers, only bad experiences and good experiences.”

Go past your comfort zone; speak with conviction, and without apology.

Leah Bonvissuto

Her workshops and sessions are proactive and literally ‘on-your-feet.’ Each activity ends with participants presenting themselves and their business in the form of an introduction, a pitch, and so forth. Participants then receive in-the-moment feedback and tips such as physical techniques to overcome nerves. Bonvissuto attributes her background in theater and collaborative demeanor to her entrepreneurial journey and to what makes her business stand out from others. Leah Bonvissuto’s work seeks to end the confidence gap between men and women, and she believes “ownership of your voice is the only way true change can be instituted.”

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