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WE Fund Venture invests in New York City based technology start-up companies founded by women and minority entrepreneurs.

The City of New York has committed $10 million alongside $20 million from five venture capital partners for a total amount of $30 million to be invested over the next five years. Through this public-private partnership, more women and minority entrepreneurs will have access to the capital that they need to grow their companies.

WE Fund Venture invests in companies that meet all of the following criteria:

  • Are founded, owned, or led by women and/or minority.
  • Have an office location in New York City.
  • Are early stage (ranging from seed stage through Series A).
  • Are technology or technology-enabled.

Our Partners

Our WE Fund Venture Partners include Archer Gray, Future\Perfect Ventures, Golden Seeds Venture Fund, WOCstar Fund, and the Multicultural Innovation Lab at Morgan Stanley. For more details, review the press release.

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WE Fund Venture Program on Hold

Dear Entrepreneur:  WE NYC Venture is currently on hold.  To understand what other products and services are available to meet your capital needs, please reach out to a NYC Business Solutions Center for a free financial consultation.   

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