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I'm very thankful for WE NYC. It has been a huge resource and I have directed a lot of people I know to their services because I know many more people can benefit from this program.

Nathaly Rodriguez

WE Master

Tools and tips that empower women to flourish while refining their unique and varied skill sets.

WE Master: Funding

Learn about financing options for your business, how to talk to investors, and meet representatives from alternative lending sources at our workshops.

WE Master: Credit

Learn how to improve your credit and understand its impact on your business through workshops and one-on-one sessions with a certified counselor.

WE Master: Leadership

Learn how to promote your business, negotiate, and build leadership skills.

WE Connect

Guidance to women entrepreneurs seeking to launch new ideas and increase business.

Small Group Networking

Event series featuring networking, small group discussions, and inspiring speakers.

1-on-1 sessions

Successful women entrepreneurs share their expertise and answer your business questions during weekly sessions.

WE Legal

We provide a range of support and services that target negotiation and legal protection.

Legal Consultation

Receive legal advice from NYC's top firms on a variety of crucial topics during one-on-one consulations.

Decor Element

WE offer free guides and tools to help you start and grow your business.

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